Welcome to the comics semi-annual post! (Only because it seems I don;t update more often than that, but that will change!)

First order of business: the re-branding

Just over ten years ago the idea and name for Reality Quest was born, after I yet again let my mind wander into absurd territory of “What if things happened like this instead“. When I envisioned it, I absolutely saw those ideas as a comic. However I had other projects going on and allowed Reality Quest to fall by the wayside. It wasn’t until my other projects died or were killed off that I revisited the idea for Reality Quest. After a few tweaks, I figured it was time, and began the journey. This was almost three years ago (our third birthday is on July 15th). This brings us to now. With almost 200 comics, and almost three years under our belt, I realized Reality Quest was yet again looking sidelined. Life got busy, with a new apartment, new job, new baby, and increasing difficulties in transportation. I also started making animations for YouTube, and becoming way more active in some communities I am a part of. Over a period of time I was able to essentially build a brand. That is JustCallMeGary. I soon discovered that Reality Quest, while for the most part came first and was whole hardheartedly sharing with the animations, did not fall under the umbrella of the brand, and was constantly getting overlooked by many, many people.

So I made the decision to bring it in like with everything else. Thus, Reality Quest has become Just Call Me Gary. While I am mildly saddened about seeing my original idea changed, I know it’s for the better over all, and at least we’re still going!

Second order of business: Patreon

Become a Patron!

If you haven’t checked out the Patreon, I would recommend doing so! There are some good perks, and if not, please go ahead and suggest what you would like to see on there!

Third and final order of business: Updates Updates Updates!

Here are a few numbers since we began our journey almost 3 years ago.
Comics: 198
Views: 494,784
Comments: 233
Babies: +1

Lots of changes have passed, and lots more are yet to come. Thank you so far for joining us on this journey, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here!

Also I’m going to be at San Diego Comic-Con. Well, not in the con but in the area. If you see me say hello!